Thursday, April 24, 2014

Rosé Nevil by Triwa

Tiny details can transform moderate things into great things. Take a watch. A beautiful watch has the potential to take a simple outfit to a whole new level. I always immediately get distracted when someone wears a nice watch around the wrist. Besides that it looks simply gorgeous, a watch also symbolizes style and decency - for some undescribable reason. Therefore - to keep things short - I believe a luxurious watch is definitely worth the investment. When I discovered 10:35 a couple of weeks back, it felt like I discovered a part of my life that I've been missing without even realizing myself before. This probably sounds very very very exaggerated, but I'm sure you totally agree with me after taking a look at the website. The collection of watches they sell range from brands like Triwa to Daniel Wellington and there's a lot of choice, both for him and her. I opted for the Rosé Nevil from Triwa, the one pictured below. I think its absolutely gorgeous, and I literally did a little dance when I received it a day after I placed my order.

Watch - Triwa via 10:35

Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter Sunday Morning

When in doubt what shoes to wear, I opt for my Etro booties that I got somewhere last year. It's one of the most expensive pair that's in my shoe collection but they are definitely worth every euro. They are the most comfortable heels I own, they look great with almost every outfit combination and they are timeless so I dare to say that I'll still wear them in five years from now. I love timeless pieces anyways. I rather buy two beautiful, high-quality pieces of clothing than fifty-two items that I don't want to wear anymore after I wore it once or twice. But that's just personal preference. Anyway, I wore this outfit on Easter sunday morning. I can't clearly describe why I do associate this dress with Easter - maybe it's because easter eggs usually have a similar color? - but a couple of people that I encountered also immediately mentioned the dress was perfect for Easter sunday so hopefully you understand why I found it perfect for the occasion, even though I can't explain why.

Dress - Red Label; Bag - Furla; Boots - Etro

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

April 16th

I love cami tops. I almost would say: "if you buy only one thing this summer, let it be a cami top". However, that's quite a daring statement since if you don't have a swimsuit or bikini, buying swimwear should be your number one priority. Summer is al about enjoying days on the beach and what's more awkward than going there without swimwear? ;-) Anyway, cami tops are simply great. They are feminine and sexy, without giving too much skin exposure, they are comfortable and perfect for the warmer weather, and last but not least they can be styled in so many ways. Since my love for camis is immense, you probably understand my excitement about this dress with "integrated cami top". It's definitely one of my favorite dresses for spring and summer.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Moment of pleasure

Creating a pleasant moment immediately after I wake up is very important to me. A nice start of the day is inextricably connected with happiness, physical energy and proper brain functioning for the day to come and since I don't want one of these three things to be absent at any day, I highly value my 'moment of pleasure' in the form of a breakfast of champions WITH a big cup of tea. I usually got the same flavor every morning (I can't get enough of it) but I currently switched brands. That is, when I discovered SMT, I was immediately hooked! SMT is an Australian-based 100% natural health supplements company that promotes a healthy balanced lifestyle. And their products are divine! For example, try their Acai tea. It's delicious, it boosts energy levels, improves cellular health and due to its antioxidant properties, free-radicals that are harmful to your body are fought.

Sleepwear - Hunkemöller; Mug - De Tuinen; Tea -  SMT

Thursday, April 10, 2014

The ultimate summer feeling

Every individual has got preferences for certain combinations; whether it's about food combinations, combinations of characteristics that are attracting to you, or color combinations. Why do I mention this? Because I want to stress my love for the combination of white and nude. That is, when the temperature rises en the sun comes out, I love to wear white dresses, skirts and tops in combination with nude-colored pumps. It gives me the ultimate summer feeling and I adore the luxurious look that this combo of neutral colors creates. Do you have a strong love for particular color combinations?

Top - Kenzaa; Skirt - Lookbookstore; Bag - Manfield; Pumps - Invito

Friday, April 4, 2014

Working from home

I count myself a very very lucky individual. For me, being able to work from home in spring and summer (read: working from an Ipad, while sunbathing) is definitely one of the most important secondary needs of human life. And I'm lucky enough to enjoy this privilege every now and then. It requires some creativity to design an environment in which you actually can be productive, but I mastered the art of creating a working space in the garden where I've got access to notebooks, electronics, and pens and therefore I could work straight from the sunny yard last week. You probably can imagine the euphoric mood I was in. My look for the 'working vs sunbathing experience' one of the days is the one pictured below: it was just the tiny little dress, no makeup, and my hair in a 'just-out-of-bed hairstyle'.

Dress - Sheinside