Monday, July 21, 2014


I actually do not own any yellow dresses, tops or pants for daily wear but when it comes to workout clothes, yellow - and especially neon yellow - is my favorite. Yellow shoes, yellow sport bras, yellow tights and shorts.. I cannot stop buying them. Even when there is only a small pop of the bright color in an item, as is the case for the tights in the outfit below, I want to have it so badly. The tights are from Onzie, an activewear brand that uses Free-Flow Fabric Technology that is durable and breathable. Hence, their apparel is perfect to keep your body cool, dry and comfortable during exercise - whether its yoga, running, swimming or surfing. The black band around my arm is a smartphone running bracelet and it is definitely the most convenient running accessoiry I own. I used to fumble with holding my ipod during a run, but that is history now..


Top - H&M; Sport bra - Nike; Tights - Onzie; Shoes - Nikebracelet - Smartphonerunning

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Finding happiness

“People wait all week for Friday, all year for summer, and all life for happiness.”

When I came across this quote when I was browsing through Instagram the other day, it made me realize that this short sentence is the sad truth for many people out there. Many people are desperately waiting for something good to happen without taking steps towards their desires. They keep doing the things they are used to do, even though those things doesn’t make them happy. Individuals are constantly longing for happiness, but their fear of change, their lack of ambition or even simply their negative mindset prevents achieving it.

First things first, I’m not a certified psychologist. However, friends – and even people I don’t know – regularly tell me I seem to be one of the most fortunate people that they have seen that day. I look like I am happy. And that’s not just outer appearance. I am happy. I feel blessed that I’m living on this beautiful world every single day, I’m grateful for the things I have. And I’m not referring to the material things I have, I mean the immaterial privileges I am allowed to enjoy: love, health and friendship. And I’m thankful that I’m in the ability to appreciate life, to appreciate small things that can make a difference.

So, what’s happiness all about? Like I previously mentioned, individuals are longing for the concept of happiness. They form a belief about a definition of it. I’ve discussed the topic with people many times before, and I noticed the people who confessed they weren’t satisfied with their current life since “they didn’t found true happiness yet” did have similarities in their explanation of bliss. For instance, they all mentioned they would be happy if they would have seized certain opportunities in life and, remarkably, they all stated there were people in their life that prevented them from achieving happiness. They also believed happiness would come with money – or things that can be bought with it. Such statements made me think. Do we really live in a world where people believe money can buy happiness? Why do people give other people the power to control their life, their state of mind? And why do individuals remain stuck in the past, while it’s clear that past actions can’t be reversed since it already happened? I feel sorry for people that don’t feel happy. All people got great potential, and I want them to feel amazing. That’s exactly why I analyzed the concept of happiness to formulate three ‘rules’ to live by:

1. Stop comparing yourself with others: I’m aware of the fact that today’s culture makes it increasingly easy to compare yourself with other people through Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, to name a few. However, it’s not social media that caused comparison. Just think of it: how many times you got jealous by that dazzling woman in the figure-hugging dress that was sitting on the other side of the bar where you were sipping martinis? How many times did you feel miserable after your colleague told you about her amazing relationship, while you just ended yours? How many times you believed you wanted the life of someone successful? I don’t judge you, it’s unfortunately very common that people feel bad because of comparison with others. However, you should know you’re special. You’re unique. Simply look at yourself. Because someone else is doing better on a certain aspect of life, it doesn’t mean you’re less than them. My advice: Find the best version of you without seeking competition with others.

2. Change into a positive mindset: thoughts could be ones greatest enemy. I truly believe way of thinking could make a difference when it comes to bliss. Life is a bumpy road, and unpleasant events are unavoidable. But I don’t think problems impede happiness. It’s simply the way you deal with them. If something bad happens to you, try not to focus on the negative side of it. Even though it might be hard, try to seek a small positive aspect of this terrible situation. Pessimism brings you nowhere, optimism is the key to joy.

3. Enjoy and appreciate little things in life: whether it’s that sweet short message that your love sent you after he left home this morning or it’s the peaceful atmosphere during your evening run, take a little moment to enjoy and appreciate it. Don’t take such things for granted, realize yourself that it’s a privilege to be allowed to experience it. Some people find it hard to believe I can feel like I’ve got it all only after seeing a pastel-colored sunset after a beautiful summer day or feeling the wind in my hair when I walk along the coastline, but it’s true. I highly value those moments, even though they seem to be small. They make me happy, and they don’t cost a thing.

I can give you many more recommendations – or if you prefer: ‘rules’ – to achieve a happy version of you, but I guess these were the three most important. I’m currently writing my e-book about happiness, health and fitness, where I will more extensively discuss the topic of bliss. That reminds me.. Are there any aspects of these topics that YOU want to be covered in the book? Just let me know and I will take it into consideration.

Thank you for reading the article, and don’t forget to feel awesome today. You’re unique, you’re a star!

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Comfort to the max

Even though I love to dress up, sometimes comfort is all you need. I got that strong desire to dress ultimately comfortable last Sunday, when I went shopping for new sneakers. I wore lace shorts and my favorite booties, and decided to combine them with a knitted sweater and a minimum amount of accesoiries. I am usually not a proponent of using both navy and black as base colors in an outfit but since the black bra is subtly visible, I thought it works great in this case.


Sweater - Red Label; Shorts - OASAP; Boots - Koah

Monday, July 14, 2014

My love for swimwear

Before I will show you the outfit that I wore yesterday, there is this swimwear-look first. Bikinis are the type of clothing that I love most, I guess. I do not know whether it is because I associate them with tropical summer days or whether it is because of the fact that wearing bikinis reflect some sense of freedom to me, but the bottom line is that I am overly excited when the delivery man hands me a package that contains a new piece of swimwear. To give you an example: when I was having dinner the other day, the delivery man knocked on my front door. I waved from behind the table where I was eating my meal, and he showed me the package that he got for me. I opened the door and when I realized the package contained my Hoodboyz order (read: included this amazing bikini), a loud yay! came out of my mouth. Luckily for me, the delivery man likes my enthusiasm instead of thinking I am a freak, haha. Anyway, I quickly finished my meal, opened the package, and my joy became even bigger: I totally love this new bikini, and I immediately (and with immediately I mean within five minutes) made some pictures with it. What do you think of this piece of swimwear? Do you understand my excitement about it?


Bikini - Hoodboyz; Cap - FrontRowShop

Saturday, July 12, 2014


Do you remember Baywatch, the series about the lifeguards who patrol the beaches of L.A. Country? I am almost sure you do, since everyone does. When someone wears a red swimsuit or red swimming shorts, there is always a person that comments on it, referring to the TV series. And I have experienced this firsthand. That is, I own such a red swimsuit. I got it - hmmm, let me think - five years ago and I have to confess I only wore it two times in the year of purchase. I am more a bikini type of person, even though swimsuits could look very elegant and are perfect for some particular pool parties during summer. Anyway, when I cleaned up my wardrobe the other day, I bumped into this piece of swimwear and I immediately wanted to take some pictures with it. Just for fun. And fun is the main thing life is about, don't you think?


Hat - V&D; Swimsuit - H&M

Wednesday, July 9, 2014


It takes some getting used to a couple of days with lots of rain when it is July, but the change in weather conditions cannot withold me from wearing shorts. I am not a shivery type anyway and the temperature is still nice, so why sticking to jeans and coats only because of some drops of water? I wanted to wear my leopard printed shoes (get them here) and clutch (get it here) again, and decided they would look great in combination with all-black clothes. Actually, I usually prefer black clothes when I opt for leopard printed accessoiries. For some reason, this combination creates a perfectly balanced look.


Shoes - Invito; Sweater - Sheinside; Clutch - FrontRowShop; Shorts - OASAP